There’s no feeling like releasing software…

Ahhh… that’s the first production release of my latest project at work out the door today. I can’t talk too much about specifics, but it’s not a big secret that Wotif is enabling various B2B aspects of our web site, mainly with the registered hotels. Today saw the first big step in that direction. 🙂 And it feels great to see a new project go out and get used.
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Pay your bills… donate to charity

What an amazing idea… My old employer, Suncorp is having a promotion where you can round up bill payments to the nearest dollar and donate the extra to charity Simply put, when you pay a bill via their internet banking app, you can donate to charity at the same time. The current charity is the Hear and Say Centre and I’m more than happy to support them.

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Why do things have to be so bloody hard????

I did a silly thing last week. I’ve been avoiding being given a task for the last nine months, and then all of a sudden I ended up volunteering to do it, for all sorts of reasons. The task: work out how to use WebLogic Workshop as a real tool, in conjunction with our other standard practices (like, oh, source control unit tests command-line builds and daily/continuous builds And I’m realizing why I tried so hard to avoid it.
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Web Application Design Principle #1

There’s a fundamental design principle with web-based applications that constantly amazes me people forget. It’s a simple one, too.

Web applications are inherently stateless

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