Things that bug me about IntelliJ

For the last few years, I’ve been saying that IntelliJ is the best Java IDE on the market, but that Eclipse is pretty close. I’ve also been using Eclipse that whole time (having used IntelliJ before that), because my then-employer didn’t like to shell out money if they didn’t have to.

Well, I’m at a different company, and everyone here uses IntelliJ (bought-and-paid -for, even!). And I’m finding that IntelliJ is as good as I remember, but there are a lot of things that are bugging me with it. Enough that I wonder if it’s worth using.
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Well, at least I’ve answered one question

I figured out why the web app I was trying to build before broken when I used the exported build script. Turns out that you need to run a setup script to get your environment “just right” before running the build.
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I’m not sure exactly why WebLogic Workshop bothers to make things customisable

It just makes things break!!

(Followup at end)
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Why do things have to be so bloody hard????

I did a silly thing last week. I’ve been avoiding being given a task for the last nine months, and then all of a sudden I ended up volunteering to do it, for all sorts of reasons. The task: work out how to use WebLogic Workshop as a real tool, in conjunction with our other standard practices (like, oh, source control unit tests command-line builds and daily/continuous builds And I’m realizing why I tried so hard to avoid it.
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