Well, at least I’ve answered one question

I figured out why the web app I was trying to build before broken when I used the exported build script. Turns out that you need to run a setup script to get your environment “just right” before running the build.
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Ant 1.6.2 doesn’t work on Java 1.4.1

Little warning for anyone else who stumbles across this problem: the stylesheet used for <junitreport> in Ant 1.6.2 does not work with Xalan 2.2. Unfortunately, this is the version that’s bundled inside the rt.jar in Java 1.4.1.

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Mixing and leads to confusion…

Update: It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! Seriously. 😉 It turns out that the <ant> task effectively sets the basedir property as a user-property, which means that it can’t be changed. User-properties are propogated through regardless of the inheritAll flag. The doco could have been clearer, but that’s life.

The easy work around: don’t use the dir attribute to locate the file, actually specify it in full (see the bug report for the example).

I lodged a bug report with Apache Ant today; first one in a long while. It turns out the the <ant> and <subant> tasks aren’t entirely compatible.

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