AiL – JBehave and Spring

Having succeeded in getting a simple JBehave story running. my next challenge is to scale it up a bit. In particular, I want to get a JBehave story that integrates with Spring to do something more fully-featured: save an entry in a database.

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a super call?

Martin Fowler wrote about the Call Super smell. This occurs when you are allowed to override a method in a parent class, but you must (as opposed to can) call the parent implementation in your method.

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Unnecessary dependencies are at least midly naughty

I really, really, shouldn’t bite, but… Cedric is asking about dependent test methods and if they are evil Well, they may not be evil, but they are at least mildly naughty.

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Ant 1.6.2 doesn’t work on Java 1.4.1

Little warning for anyone else who stumbles across this problem: the stylesheet used for <junitreport> in Ant 1.6.2 does not work with Xalan 2.2. Unfortunately, this is the version that’s bundled inside the rt.jar in Java 1.4.1.

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JUnit and data-driven tests

Here’s a technique I sometimes use when I’m doing test-driven development (which is my preferred coding technique). Let’s say I’ve got a bunch of test cases that are all basically the same, but they have slightly different inputs and slightly different outputs. A typical test case might look like this:

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