AiL – JBehave and Spring

Having succeeded in getting a simple JBehave story running. my next challenge is to scale it up a bit. In particular, I want to get a JBehave story that integrates with Spring to do something more fully-featured: save an entry in a database.

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Using EJB3 with Spring

In my previous entry, I talked about how you could easily use Spring from within EJB 3 beans, thanks to the magic of EJB interceptors. But what about the other way? How do you use EJB 3 from Spring?

*Update:* It looks like the Interface21 guys have had similar ideas – check out Project Pitchfork

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Using Spring with EJB 3

Back when we were planning the migration to Glassfish, I realised we would have two dependency-injection frameworks in use – EJB 3 and Spring. For obvious reasons, I wanted to know more about how these would interact. At the time (last July), I couldn’t find anyone who had used EJB 3 and Spring together – even Ben Alex from Interface21 hadn’t come across it. Six months later, and I still haven’t heard of anyone using Spring _from_ EJBs. Except for us.

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