Eclipse Update servers

Jon Eaves of Thoughtworks was writing on managing Eclipse updates and how to preserve your environment between upgrades.

While this was an excellent guide to preserving your own environment, there’s a better way if you need to do this at a team or organisational level, and that’s by setting up an Eclipse Upgrade Server.

I’ve got one of these going at Suncorp, and while it was a little tricky, it wasn’t too hard (less than half a day’s worth of work). The biggest problem is that the GUI support in Eclipse assumes you’re only managing your own plugins, not setting up a local mirror site. This means you have to do a bit of the feature and plugin packaging by hand (a minor nuisance).

The article that inspired me to do this came from the site and served as a reasonable amount of support.

Now, I have to stress: I wouldn’t bother doing this for an individual. Jon’s way is easier for a single person. But for a team, this makes it easy to restore plugins; you still have to manage the workspace, though. However, Eclipse 3.0M8 will have better support for changing workspaces (about time, too!)

Author: Robert Watkins

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