Your brain on design pattens

Picked up my copy of Head First Design Patterns today (I’d ordered it in a couple of weeks ago). So far I’m loving it.

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Salaries are rising.

Hmmm… salaries are going up again Speaking as an employee, not an employer, this sounds like good news. 🙂
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Learn in the quiet times

I had a comment lodged on an older article recently. The poster was complaining about the poor quality of the JWebFit sub-project of JWebUnit In particular, he was complaining about how it meant their project wasn’t delivered on time. There’s an anti-pattern here.
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Learning communties – damn, they’re hard to grow

In many ways, the essence of my role at work is to foster a learning community. This is more than just a “learning environment” – all a learning environment does is to supply resources for learning. Essentially, it’s passive, just like any environment is.

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