Moving right along…

Wow. It’s been over seven years since I last wrote a post like this one. I have resigned from Wotif (almost three weeks ago now) and am taking up the carefree life of the independent contractor. Should be a blast. In between, I’m enjoying some downtime and recharging.

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… and sometimes they don’t.

I’ve spent most of the last year involved in an intensive project that really drained me – hence the lack of blogging. I want to blog in a positive fashion this year, so I’ll start by getting a lot of gripes off my chest. 🙂 Call it things that suck.

Here’s a short list, before I define what I mean by “suck”:

  • Maven2
  • EJB3 Persistence
  • Hibernate, caches, and the way they can kill your database.
  • Maven2 (it just sucks a lot!)
  • No Java 6 on the Mac
  • No “next/previous word” keyboard navigation in the Mac terminal
  • Mac Firefox, drop-down boxes, and tabbing

and I’m sure that there’s more that will come to me. Today, I’m doing Maven – the rest will come later.

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Sometimes, things just work…

9 months of intense development later, our first big integration project with Tourico Holidays, went live today, with an additional 1000-odd hotels appearing on our site (with more to come). A good example is Texas where we had only a few hotels outside of the major cities and we now have about 90 (plus more inside the major cities, of course).
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If it quacks like a startup, it is a startup…

Mike Cannon-Brookes asks Is Atlassian still a startup? And when is a startup not a startup anymore? Well, Mike, the answer’s simple. If it still feels like a startup, it’s a startup.

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Interfaces with EJB3

Starting last October, we went through a process of upgrading the main application at Wotif to be running under Java EE 5 (not just Java SE 5). The biggest part of this was upgrading from EJB 2 to EJB 3.

One of the things I noticed was that EJB3 gives you a lot of choices for how to implement and configure EJBs and their associated interfaces. There’s a lot of “standards” on how to do it, many of them conflicting, but very little explanation of why. This is the set of standards I came up with (and was largely successful in getting implemented), and why I chose them.

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Running on Glassfish

Well, it took long enough, but it’s finally done:

Response Headers -

X-Powered-By: Servlet/2.5, JSP/2.1, JSP/2.1, JSP/2.1, JSP/2.1, JSP/2.1, JSP/2.1, JSP/2.1, JSP/2.1, JSP/2.1
Set-Cookie: PersistCountryCode=1;; Expires=Wed, 23-Sep-2037 22:11:45 GMT; Path=/
Content-Encoding: gzip
Content-Type: text/html;charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 11520
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 22:11:45 GMT
Server: Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9.0_01
Connection: close

200 OK

Phew. Now maybe I can get those backlogged EJB3-based articles out.

There’s no feeling like releasing software…

Ahhh… that’s the first production release of my latest project at work out the door today. I can’t talk too much about specifics, but it’s not a big secret that Wotif is enabling various B2B aspects of our web site, mainly with the registered hotels. Today saw the first big step in that direction. 🙂 And it feels great to see a new project go out and get used.
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Third time’s the charm?

Well, that makes it official: Wotif is the third company I’ve worked in that’s decided to go public. Hope it goes better than the last two… the first misread the market badly and went into a several year downturn, while the other managed to burn through nearly all their VC finance, nearly went bankrupt, and got bought out by one of their venture partners.
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Some businesses just don’t get it

Well, this entry started as a quick blurb to highlight an article on my boss here at in the Australian Financial Review But that’s not what it’s ended up as. 🙂
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