… and sometimes they don’t.

I’ve spent most of the last year involved in an intensive project that really drained me – hence the lack of blogging. I want to blog in a positive fashion this year, so I’ll start by getting a lot of gripes off my chest. 🙂 Call it things that suck.

Here’s a short list, before I define what I mean by “suck”:

  • Maven2
  • EJB3 Persistence
  • Hibernate, caches, and the way they can kill your database.
  • Maven2 (it just sucks a lot!)
  • No Java 6 on the Mac
  • No “next/previous word” keyboard navigation in the Mac terminal
  • Mac Firefox, drop-down boxes, and tabbing

and I’m sure that there’s more that will come to me. Today, I’m doing Maven – the rest will come later.

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