The Dating Game

Working with legacy code can present some, um, interesting challenges. I just hit a wonderful issue to do with dates and timezones, caused by a really piss-poor data model.

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The importance of your user interface metaphor.

Christ Stevenson bitched about the Gnome calculator Apparently, if you enter the equation ‘2*2+2*2’, it gives an answer of 12.
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Empirical vs determinstic methodologies: a cooking analogy

A deterministic methodology is one where you lay out all the steps, then following them religiously. An empirical methodology is one where you layout guidelines, and expect people to adapt as circumstances suit.
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Monday 24th worst day of the year? What a day to start a new job!

Apparently, next Monday will be the worst day of the year. Naturally, that’s the day I start at Wotif

Fortunately, the formula is based on such variables as the weather, and thus it is only the worst day in the Northern hemisphere. *phew*.

Build servers are for more than just building

Using a build server (such as CruiseControl doesn’t mean developers shouldn’t run local builds (even though broken builds aren’t really as serious as a lot of people make them out to be). So this raises the question: if developers run their build locally, what’s the build server for?
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Heavy or light: it’s all relative

On the XP mailing list a discussion has been going on recently on how a student at a presentation commented that XP seemed to be fairly heavy. Now, I know that “heavy” and “light” are rather passé terms for describing methodologies these days, but you know, the student was right – for a certain point of view. In the immortal words of Ben Kenobi, “many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view.”
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