Reflections on how I got started in this biz…

I was listening to the audio presentation by Woz at recently. I was really interested in his stories about how he got interested in hardware hacking, and it made me reflect on my early experiences with computers.
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Don’t propagate exceptions in test fixtures

Been seeing this pattern a lot today. I’m working with integration tests, which have a lot of test fixtures around to do common tasks (such as inserting data into the database). These test fixtures propagate exceptions. In many cases, they simply declare that they throw java.lang.Exception. Ouch.

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Programming by difference

I’m currently working my way through Michael Feathers Working Effectively With Legacy Code. Damn good book, BTW. Anyway, this was this section on “programming by difference” that got my thinking while reading it.

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I must be missing something

Bush is proposing a 2.5 trillion dollar budget. Supposedly, this manages the following:

  • it is the “president’s most austere budget to date”
  • it pushes the US federal budget deficit to “a record $427 billion”, and “is the third straight year the Bush administration will have set, in dollar terms, a deficit high.”

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