Programming by difference

I’m currently working my way through Michael Feathers Working Effectively With Legacy Code. Damn good book, BTW. Anyway, this was this section on “programming by difference” that got my thinking while reading it.

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I must be missing something

Bush is proposing a 2.5 trillion dollar budget. Supposedly, this manages the following:

  • it is the “president’s most austere budget to date”
  • it pushes the US federal budget deficit to “a record $427 billion”, and “is the third straight year the Bush administration will have set, in dollar terms, a deficit high.”

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Empirical vs determinstic methodologies: a cooking analogy

A deterministic methodology is one where you lay out all the steps, then following them religiously. An empirical methodology is one where you layout guidelines, and expect people to adapt as circumstances suit.
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Monday 24th worst day of the year? What a day to start a new job!

Apparently, next Monday will be the worst day of the year. Naturally, that’s the day I start at Wotif

Fortunately, the formula is based on such variables as the weather, and thus it is only the worst day in the Northern hemisphere. *phew*.