Configuring OpsWorks with Chef12 – Don’t forget Security

This is very much in the aide-mémoire category – when setting up an AWS OpsWorks stack with Chef 12, remember to set up the security groups.

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Running out of screen space, iPhone style

I’m trying to learn the quirks of developing web apps targeted at the iPhone, so I’m mucking around trying to learn how best to use the space available. Everything is going fine using the iPhone simulator (which is part of the SDK), but when i pull out my real iPhone, it looks like I’ve only got about 75% of the space!
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I’m sorry, I can’t believe this one…

Saw this as a comment on Russel Beattie’s blog: dozens of buses flooded out in New Orleans.

This is just bloody ridiculous. There’s probably close to a hundred buses there. Why weren’t they used in the pre-hurricane evacuation? Why weren’t they moved to higher ground if they weren’t used in the evacuation? Those buses represent 10,000 people per round trip who could have been taken out.

Frankly, the US government (both state and federal) obviously have no ability to cope with disaster planning.

Um, how’s that going to work again?

Fujitsu is going to roll out trolleys with scanners so that shoppers can avoid the checkout queue. Naturally, this assumes a degree of honesty on the part of the shoppers. What’s amusing about this is how they plan to “trust, but verify”.

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An Amusing Thing Happened On The Way In Tonight…

In my role, I’m the defacto tools librarian; I’m the guy who sucks down the latest and greatest copies of everything so that other people don’t have to. Or more accurately, I’m the guy who sticks the files up on the intranet share so that other people can look there first…

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Aliasing problems and final member variables

I hit a really stupid problem today, and I’ve only got myself to blame (as usual).

The problem was really simple. I was making an object that needed to know when it was created. This creation date wasn’t necessarily “now”, so I was passing a Calendar object in to the constructor of the object to represent the creation date.

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