Running out of screen space, iPhone style

I’m trying to learn the quirks of developing web apps targeted at the iPhone, so I’m mucking around trying to learn how best to use the space available. Everything is going fine using the iPhone simulator (which is part of the SDK), but when i pull out my real iPhone, it looks like I’ve only got about 75% of the space!
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If some Software Developers built houses?

By far the most popular post on my site was a humorous entry I reposted: If Architects Had To Work Like Web Designers…. So it only seems just that I put a link to this entry, which sort of describes the reverse. )

And remember – if the auto industry had evolved like the computer industry, we’d have cars that go a thousand miles an hour, with no seat belts, that crash when you double press the horn…

It’s not the ComboBox’s fault

Weiqi Gao complains that combo boxes are lame because you can’t type in them. He gives a good example of the state abbrevation MO for Missouri; in a typical drop-down list of US states, you need to go through seven M’s to get there.

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