Migrated to WordPress

After running for several years with MT, I have changed to using WordPress. The main reason was that it’s one of the precondigured apps offered by my hosting provider, and I was sick to doing MT upgrades.

Everything seems to have come over okay but I apologize in advance for any quirky behaviour.
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Monday 24th worst day of the year? What a day to start a new job!

Apparently, next Monday will be the worst day of the year. Naturally, that’s the day I start at Wotif

Fortunately, the formula is based on such variables as the weather, and thus it is only the worst day in the Northern hemisphere. *phew*.

Well, I’m back up… shame the server wasn’t.

About two weeks ago, the server company I go through (iwebserv.com.au) had an “incident”… one of the hard disks on the main server died. This caused an extended outage (almost a week), and a total loss of data. For one reason or another, iwebserv have not been able to resurrect the data on the server yet.
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Software is too expensive too build cheaply.

That’s the title for my blog, and it’s a philosophy I believe in 100%. Software, like many other areas of life, is not a place to cut corners (at least, certain corners). There are certain expenses you have to be willing to pay if you want a quality product that will stand the test of time; avoiding them simply pushes immediate cost now to bigger nastier costs later.
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Hello World

Well, I made myself a blog

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while, largely as a journalling exercise for myself. I’m not writing for an audience here, so I’m not concerned with what other people think about what I put down here. 🙂

I don’t know if I’ll keep this up; only time will tell. But I know I’ve got a few things to say here.