The rumours of Ruby’s death are greatly exaggerated…

Sheesh… it seems like every man and his dog is jumping on the latestTIOBE index figures showing a very> small dip in the popularity of Ruby. Talk about lies, damned lies, and statistics…

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XML,, and the Composite Pattern

Tony Obermeit posted a question to the AJUG-QLD mailing list asking for help with a problem reading XML snippets. So, I thought I’d help him out, and this is the answer I gave.

*Update*: As pointed out by Pepijn Schmitz, Sun already provided the same solution:

*Another update*: I raised an RFE with Sun for the vararg support Vote early, vote often!

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Line counts are a silly way to compare languages

Des Traynor did a little post about how languages are not all the same, and Jeff Atwood jumped in with a C# version. Java came out looking really bad at 15 lines for a simple program, but frankly, the reason isn’t because of Java; it’s because of the coding styles used.

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Comparing coffee with gemstones

There’s a couple of posts going around about another post comparing Ta-Da with Bla-Bla Look, folks, this isn’t comparing the two languages: this is comparing different coding styles, that strangely enough value different things!

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Don’t you hate it when your expectations crash?

I just discovered that Checkstyle doesn’t (yet) support Java 1.5. I found myself shocked by this for some reason; the Checkstyle project is such an active and evolving one that I just didn’t think they wouldn’t have put in some 1.5 support yet.

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