Agile – it’s not about the tools you use

The title says it all, but I thought I’d spend about eight hundred or so words saying more. 😉

I’ve seen a number of people think that “being Agile” is about having a build server, or about using Kanban, or an Agile project management tool. It’s not about unit testing, or pair programming, or continuous delivery, or devops, or any of a hundred other buzzwords. Don’t get me wrong – well performing Agile teams will be using these kind of tools and practices. But that’s not what makes them Agile.

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Don’t you hate it when your expectations crash?

I just discovered that Checkstyle doesn’t (yet) support Java 1.5. I found myself shocked by this for some reason; the Checkstyle project is such an active and evolving one that I just didn’t think they wouldn’t have put in some 1.5 support yet.

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