What TDD means to me…

It was about 19 years ago now that a colleague of mine lent me a copy of a little white book. That book changed the way I looked at programming more than any other book (though The Pragmatic Programmer gave it a run for its money). One of the things, in particular, was Test Driven Development, or TDD.

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Unit testing privates, and other unsavoury topics

Brian Duff gives a good example of a technique to get around visibility problems when unit testing. Believe it or not, this can be a good idea (and this is a strong TDD advocate saying this).

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Why it’s important to be able to unit test outside the container

Daniel Steinberg has a “note on Java.Net”:http://weblogs.java.net/pub/wlg/1732 about testing EJBs out of the container, and wonders why people make a fuss about it. There’s a simple reason: speed.

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Test Driven Development is not bad, mkay?

Bucky, who seems to write a bile-ish blog, thinks that test driven development is bad because he doesn’t like compile errors in his code. Because of that, he suggests writing the interface first.

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