Pragmatic Programmers on the iPhone

It appears that my favourite technical publishers, The Pragmatic Programmers now offer their books in specialised formats for mobile devices, in addition to the PDF format.

This means that I can download my PragProg books to my iPhone and read them conveniently (using the Stanza e-book reader). Best of all – if you’ve bought a PDF edition before, the mobile formats are free. Thanks, Andy and Dave!

Not all of the books have been converted yet – out of the 12 eBooks I’ve bought, 5 have been converted so far – but the rest will come over time.

Downloading the books is easy: if you’ve got Stanza on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you simply go to on your iPhone/iPod Touch, login, and download your books (they may need to be regenerated first). Then you read them in Stanza. And I have to say that the conversion looks pretty darn good.

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