Hudson Plugin for Eclipse

Lusting over the Atlassian Connector’s support for Bamboo made me decide to check out what support there was for Hudson in Eclipse. So I checked out the Hudson Eclipse Plugin. My thoughts: not bad, but not great – a lot of potential is there, though.

The good:

  • non cluttered UI.
  • good “at-a-glance” summaries of the current state.
  • able to jump straight to the console output of a build. (Finally! Why can’t the actual Hudson webapp do that?)
  • alert notifications when builds break.
  • able to selectively ignore modules you don’t care about.

The bad:

  • alert notifications are intrusive – dialog alerts aren’t what I want. A nice Growl-style alert, like that used by the Mylyn tasks, would be good – an alert that slides out of a corner, lets you see it, then goes away by itself. (You can disable the alerts altogether, but then you get no notification unless you’re watching the window)
  • console view doesn’t scroll during a running build
  • no “last built time”; Hudson seems to freeze sometimes, and this would help spot that
  • Can’t see the build queue – the one AJAX part the Hudson webapp gets right
  • Would be good to be able to temporarily ignore build failures (or take responsibility) – “Joe’s fixing that, so I can ignore that failed build until it’s working again”
  • Hudson allows you to set up tab groups, with a subset of your projects. This plugin really should do that too; it makes managing large project sets a lot better.
  • It only supports one Hudson server… some of us use more.

There’s nothing wrong or broken with the eclipse plugin, but there’s a lot of functionality missing that would be nice to have.

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