Fun facts about time zones

Did you know that there are places in the world with timezone offsets in quarter-hour increments

The timezone for Nepal is UTC+5:45. Chatham Island (a territory of New Zealand) uses UTC+12:45. Interesting…

3 thoughts on “Fun facts about time zones

  1. Michael

    i18n is fun isn’t it ! you learn all sorts of odd things.

    Places in the middle east have odd times as well (there were a major customer on a project of mine once).

    I worked with tetrapak, and most customers were non english speaking (Americans and English like to drink out of cans and bottles instead). I learn’t that thai is the most expensive langauge in terms of storage space for their character set.

    And in oracle, varchar2(128) means that there are 128 bytes available, not chars, even if Oracle charset is UTF-8.

  2. Jon Eaves

    I fixed a bug in the Tomcat log processing code that only dealt with TZ in the hour. Of course in Australia we have a 30min TZ (South Australia) and I found somewhere in the N.Hemisphere (Canada ?) to test against.

    I didn’t find these (well, I wasn’t looking). So sorry to everybody in Nepal and Chatham Is. The log processing should work, but if it doesn’t, I’ll fix it if you raise a defect😉


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